The team at New Era India focuses on every candidate according to their work experience, industry skills and interests. We believe that a professional best thrives in an environment where skill development is prioritized and their contributions are well appreciated.

Focus On Building Careers

A rewarding career necessitates firm planning. We collaborate actively with candidates to understand their objectives, priorities, and strengths in order to connect them with the ideal prospective employer. We mentor candidates on how to prepare for interviews and approach the hiring process. We keep in touch with candidates even after they are hired to make sure the transition goes well and to help with any challenges that might arise.

Access To Extraordinary Opportunities

New Era India has consulting teams that specialise in practically every prominent sector and a broad array of functional areas. We deal with Fortune 500 companies in every category. We are capable of assisting applicants beyond normal recruitment services to accommodate today's diverse work styles and career pathways.

International Company & Global Work Standards

We provide a realm of opportunities for individuals looking to excel in their professions. Complementing our ties with the world's foremost corporations, we have a regional presence in Asia, with offices in three countries.

Bringing to you
the New Era India Experience

One constant in the company's journey from a staffing start-up to becoming a leading talent acquisition and management organisation is that we've always worked beyond the confined view on hiring procedures. This has allowed us to grow significantly, broadening our services range and exploring innovative ways to make workplace partnerships constructive and meaningful.

We are your Partner for Success

Taking forward our commitment to ‘enabling success’, we frequently publish insightful blog posts that elucidate the latest recruitment trends, in-demand industry positions and expert guidance for professional advancement.

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How we are changing the Workforce Dynamic

Whether you are a recruiter or a candidate, you’ll notice the difference we promise at New Era India.

Fostering Relationships

Our emphasis is on the larger employment picture and not the short-lived goals. Therefore, we go above and beyond to establish resilient industry relationships that can be mutually beneficial for us, the professionals and the companies.

Individual Focus & Teamwork

Our skilled consultants strive to understand you on an individual basis to provide you with the right career guidance. We encourage collaboration among our consultants, which ultimately broadens the potential for both candidates as well as hiring managers.

Expertise & Succes In APAC Region

We are an international group with a long history of sourcing talent for Asia Pacific clients. Therefore, we are intrinsically positioned to assist both job seekers and employers by bridging the gap between Indian and global organizational cultures.

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Search for industry-specific positions that demand your experience and skills.

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Stand out from the competition by registering with New Era India, allowing us to introduce you to a world of career opportunities. Submit your Resume/CV whether you are actively looking for your ideal job or want to be informed about positions that match your expertise and aspirations. We’ll contact you if any relevant vacancies arise.