During turbulent economic conditions it has become common for organization to do cost optimization through lowering the manpower count. It’s not an easy decision at both ends. Still, it is important to accept and understand the situation and take some initiatives cautiously to overcome it in the shortest time possible.

Here through this quick read, we are listing down a few steps and measures which can help you to land your next job quicker.

  • Be positive don’t panic

Layoff can be a big part of your life as losing your job is a traumatic experience as you will be facing financial instability, your future is unknown and searching for a new job will be a bit difficult. In such a condition first and foremost remind yourself to take a deep breath and try not to panic. Situation always passes it MAN who last longer always. A positive mind set will help you to be active, creative and confident during the entire journey of job search.

  • Update your resume carefully.

Resume is the first impression and tool for a recruiter or hiring manager to know you. Update your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter etc. Focus on the skills you’ve developed throughout your career till now and what skill is more popular in your domain which you can highlight more. It is much easier to catch the eye of the recruiter when you use keywords that are more in demand than explaining each bit of your daily task on paper. Being crisp yet informative is the key. Be prepared, keep your resume updated and eyes on the new opportunities it will help you to get a new job at the earliest.

  • Upload your resume on commercial platform / job boards.

Once you have updated your resume you should also be aware that you have to upload it on few commercial platforms as well like Naukri, Linkedin, Foundit, indeed etc. in order to be found by a recruiter. Also, it is important to fill in your details correctly – like location preferences, current and expected CTC, notice period, contact details etc. to avoid any kind of confusion at later and to be picked up in right searches. Keep updating your profile every 15 days to keep your profile active.

  • Upgrade your skills.

Try to upgrade your skills, which basically means you can upgrade your soft skills, personality,

comprehensive skills, communication with people etc. It is also important to add in new skills which is more in demand, and you can acquire it through any micro-credential provider. These days it can easily be done through inline method as well. It will definitely increase the applicability of your profile and help you attract more opportunities.

Even freelance projects can add value to your work experience if you get a chance to take them during the lull period.

  • Target and apply

To find a new job you must plan accordingly. target and apply to jobs through job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster and ZipRecruiter for viable positions. You can also use Google to search for a new job. Take your time when applying. If you find the perfect job itself, there’s nothing wrong in aligning your resume specifically for it. In short don’t just hit the apply button for any and every position, you will end up seeing rejects and get demotivated. Rather, understand your needs and ambition and try to apply for jobs in that focus range only and I am sure you will see great results.

The Bottom Line

Being laid off can be a very stress full time in your life, but there are steps you can take to make the transition a little less stress full. Make sure you have some savings, you must keep your resume updated, try to reach-out to your contacts who can help you finding a new job or can suggest you something good. Remember that layoff is a great excuse to go after what you’re most passionate about and even change the monotony you have gotten into. So be positive and be hire ready!!