Micro-Credentials for Better JOBS – A new shift in hiring trends!

Now a days education is no longer a straightforward process like what it was a decade ago. In olden times you were supposed to complete your schooling/college by a particular age and after that you were supposed to start working at a certain point of your life. The idea of a break between academics, entrepreneurial experience was not appreciated every time. Yet the choices are now much wider for candidates and the hiring process has become more inclusive.

The need to keep our skills updated is ongoing with options widely available and within pocket reach, unless you want to get a degree from the best.

What is Indian students and employers approach to this

In India 96% of students believe that getting a professional certificate can help them stand out in a crowd and get a better job after graduation.

And 92% of Indian employers believe that professional certification strengthens a candidate’s job application and demonstrate specific professional skills.

*Source Credit – The Economics time

These certifications are not just formal UG/PG degrees but also various certifications which any professional can opt for to upgrade his/her skill sets.

What are micro-credentials?

Global online learning platforms are aggregating universities and colleges around the world and supporting both entry-level & advance career professional certificates, also known as micro-credentials industry.

The micro-credential course is shorter than your usual university course. It could be a small part of an accredited programme or a stand-alone course. Students are required to demonstrate their development of knowledge, skills, and competencies in a specified targeted area through assessments and projects. It improves student’s opportunity to get better graduate employability.

How micro-credentials can help college students.

Students from an early age can get more corporate ready by achieving various certification in their areas of interest. It also gives student confidence to convey what they can give to the organization and to the hiring manager as they might have to invest less time in training the recruit.

There are different types of micro-credentials:

  • Online certification
  • Digital badges in higher education
  • MOOCs (massive open online courses).


Few of the most searched and practice certification programs are:

  1. Cybersecurity Professional Certificate.
  2. Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate.
  3. Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate.
  4. SAP Technology Consultant Professional Certificate.
  5. Data Analytics Professional Certificate.
  6. Compensation and Benefits professional
  7. Certified recruiter.
  8. HR analytics certifications etc.


Overall if students invest in there self, they can build their skills and knowledge which can also help them in their career with a more progressive stance.

Micro-credentials allow students and employees to personalize their learning and they can focus on their career goals and responsibilities at any juncture of their career. From graduate to senior leadership, the best of the universities has offers for all.

So go ahead and find the best for you to develop the best of you.