Top 5 Non-Coding jobs in 2024

It’s February 2024 already and the time to realize that “Coding” is no longer the only high paying career option in the job market. If someone is not keen to take up a nine to five coding job, then there are a whole lot of other career opportunities where he/she can improve their soft skills besides working towards one’s dream job.

Here is the list of top 5 non tech high paying job opportunities in 2024

  1. Product Manager: A product manager can be considered to be a mini CEO of the product features. His responsibility is to collaborate with the tech team, design team, marketing team etc and finalize the product and take it to launch. This is a very dynamic role where one builds the product from scratch and decides what features should be there and what not. In India startup culture is gaining momentum and so are such roles. One needs to keep a bird’s eye view on the product and analyze the problems at 360degree level in order to be a successful Product Manager. Apart from these skills one should also know a little about every field be it design, tech, marketing etc.  and even business as a whole. The average salary for this job role is 17lpa, which is a pretty good one.
  1. Digital Marketer: is a person who introduces/ promotes the ready product to its customers through digital media. These days companies are spending hefty amounts in marketing of their products which is quite evident from the brand strategy of huge companies. This career option definitely has a good scope and future prospects. One may enter SEO, SMM, Content marketing, google ads, performance marketing etc. This again is a very dynamic and ever-changing career option where one needs to stay abreast in the market and keep upskilling oneself. Combination of creative and analytical skills, design, marketing skills and knowledge of tools like google ads, canva, google console etc makes one successful in this arena. This is an amazing skill with unlimited opportunities and remote work options. The salary varies hugely though the average is found out to be 6.5lpa. One may easily double or triple their salary by becoming an expert in their field.
  1. Investment Banker: This profession needs a higher studies degree like MBA in finance/CA/CFA. If mathematics and finance interest one, then this can be a go to career option. An Investment Banker assists corporations, governments and other entities in raising capital, funding, acquisitions and provides financial advice. An analytical mind, financial knowledge, good communication and networking skills can make one a rich Investment Banker. This is considered to be a hectic job as it involves huge amounts of money. 12lpa is the average salary for this profession which may easily go up to crores.
  2. Data Analyst: can be a very good career option for someone who loves numbers, data and mathematics and can derive meaningful insights from huge data. Proficiency in data visualizing software like Power Bi and Tableau like required for this profession. The data shortlisted by a Data Analyst is then viewed by the leadership in a company to analyze where the business is growing. Knowledge of languages like SQL, R, Python are good to have apart from critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This is a high demand job with an v=average salary of about 6lpa.
  3. Management Consultant: 21lpa+ is the average package. This is a client facing job in which one provides solutions to client’s problems. Learning curve always increases as long as one keeps working with various clients. Deadlines and time management form a part of this profession.

So, what are we waiting for let’s learn, upgrade, and go zoom-zoom and roar with your new career progression!

— Content Credit – Archita Bhartiya (New Era India Knowledge Bank)