New Era India is certified Great Place To Work #gptwcertified and also awarded in top 75 organization when it comes to Best Places for Women to Work. And through this article we are going to unveil those best practices which helped us achieve the same.

Equal Employment opportunity to grow.

Equality for us is Equality in giving Job Opportunity, Growth & Promotion Opportunity, Pay and Compensation Packages, Freedom of thoughts & innovation. For us every employee is a New Era family beyond Gender, Cast Creed, religion, ethnicity, color, age, disability or any other factor. To reduce the chances of discrimination, many organizations have introduced specific policies and wherein at New Era India its rooted in our genes since inception and it stands for the same – every working employ who is capable can grasp the opportunity to grow.

Equal Employment Opportunity or EEO. This has enabled workplaces to empower the employees and promote a diverse workforce.

Right balance of empathy at work 

Empathetic leadership means having the ability to understand the needs of others and being aware of their feelings and thoughts. Such styles are normally falsely associated with a non-aggressive working environment. Although, at New Era we have evolved entire culture to be more productive and competitive by understanding each other’s feelings, thoughts and triggers of motivation. This is our way to give 360-degree support to employees which helps them be more secure emotionally to focus completely on work. The easiest way our leaders practice the same is by keeping a check on work pressure, emotional burnouts, monotonous routines and time management needs.

Benefits and flexible working to bring Young Mothers back to work.

When it comes to working mothers or women who after their maternity leave are re-entering the workplace they need extra care, support and motivation to get into a routine and be continuous on it. With a very sincere approach New Era provide great deal of a flexibility and understanding to them so that they young mothers and women professionals can manage their responsibilities and schedule because of daycare of the children, sickness, different types of appointments, school, etc.

New Era is the company which support variety of working modes including freelancing, consultants and fulltime employment for women to try and slowly resume their career as per their time and priorities.

Emotionally safe space for employees

Freedom of expression is are fundamental right as per the constitution yet people struggle to share their thoughts in corporate structures with steep hierarchies. At New Era we practiced open door and level grid culture, which sensitized the employees’ approach to the leaders and even management team. Employees are continuously motivated to share their thoughts and suggestions. Regular town halls, engagement activities and even informal team huddles are part of our routine to encourage the positive flow of communication and synergies. The freedom to openly express their concerns, ideas and deep thoughts gives a sense of acceptance, belonging and understanding among people at work.